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 FireSale.Co Affiliate Program: What is Affiliate Marketing?

William J. Tobin discovered the entire idea of affiliate marketing in 1989. He is the founder of PC Flowers and Gifts and his company saw profits in excess of $6 million a year.


The internet created opportunities for companies all over the world to advertise and sell their items all over world. Unsurprisingly, e-commerce exploded in popularity, with companies such as Amazon launching their affiliate associates program in July 1996.


As a result of this, e-commerce popularity was improved, the affiliate marketing business model became extremely popular and still is to this day. Over the past fifteen years or so, the internet has now completely changed the way businesses operate and has expanded earning potential for every business by increasing market reach exponentially.


An affiliate program is basically an organization that specifically provides various products for you to sell and make commissions on.


Many affiliate programs also include training and tutorials on how to set yourself up as an affiliate, how to build your own website, Search Engine Optimization etc. This allows complete new comers to get started with their own online business from scratch. All the tools and training is provided to them. These tools are required to understand the business model and start producing sales in a short period of time.


The technology we have available today allows us to massively change many tasks that had to be manually done only a few years ago. This has made the level of technical ability less required for people do things like build their own websites, set up landing pages and build lists of subscribers. Today you can build your own website in just few minutes, even if you have zero technical computer skills.


Fire Sale’s Affiliate Program:

Affiliate programs are common all around the Internet and offer an additional way to spread the word about their sites to website owners. Fire Sale's affiliate program is free to join, easy to sign up and no technical knowledge is required! As Fire Sale affiliates, you will generate huge traffic and sales to FireSale.Co and in return you will receive very attractive commissions. When you join our affiliate program, a range of banners and text links are provided to you to use wherever you like. When a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, they will be brought to our website and their activities will be tracked by our affiliate program. Once this user completes a purchase, you earn commission!


On Fire Sale, you can also earn up to thousands of dollars per month and some of the highest commissions on referrals. Simply sign up to our affiliate program and receive a special link to share on your blog or social media posts. For every customer that places an order to on through your links, you’ll earn an income. Each time you refer someone to the affiliate program, you can earn percentage of a customer’s order value.


Fire Sale is the #1 platform for building an e-commerce business. On Fire Sale you are easily able to set up stores in just a few hours without any technical skills! Our affiliate managers have made it much easier for our clients to promote their product, make money, and provide value to their communities. is highly recommended by our clients because our platform is very easy to use, quick to set up, and very affordable to get started.



Once approved, a unique affiliate link is provided to you. You can then share that link on your website, webinars, social media, video tutorials, educational courses — however you choose.



The more you promote, the more you earn. We’ve made it really easy to share the listings you love with your audience. We have a collection of listing tools, from simple link generators that let you add quality products to your site, to high-volume product feeds that open up your buyers to a wealth of relevant products. You’ll get insights such as easy-to-understand reports and analytics geared toward measuring and improving performance. Share Fire Sale with your audience and start monetizing today.



Get paid when products sell. We'll keep track of how many of products purchases are made through your link and you'll get paid every month. You’ll earn a percentage of Fire Sale’s revenue whenever you send someone to our site and they make a purchase. Partners earn between 50% - 70% of revenue. The percentage you earn depends on the types of products purchased - such as electronics or fashion. You can also earn additional cash from referring shoppers who haven’t made a purchase on Fire Sale before.


Fire Sales platform delivers conversion pixel tracking and affiliate commission payments  automatically so our partners get paid on time, every time. supports the option of multiple check and direct deposit payments for you to choose from. You can expect payment options to accommodate to your needs no matter where you reside or the country where you have a banking institution. By gaining our developing strategy, we have managed our affiliate programs more effectively, positive consumer behaviors are accelerated, and changed the negative behaviors of consumer are improved and changed. With unmatched depth of advertising verticals and industry categories, we work with many other top advertisers to provide our partners with countless opportunities to work with widely well-known brands.