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Pronounced: "Fireman"


FIREMVN is an anonymous bass music producer, DJ, and guitarist. He began producing electronic music soon after graduating from high school in 2013 and debuted his DJ career on 'The Music Ranch' Rock Stage in Austin, Texas, for a benefit called TaraFest in 2015.

FIREMVN at TaraFest

In 2016 FIREMVN moved his efforts to Colorado so he could spend more time in the studio and diversify. He began teasing upcoming tracks on social media and releasing his productions in early 2018. In May of 2018, he released his debut single, 'Big Bitty' as an independent record. Since then, the hot techno hit has been featured on multiple music networks such as OutThaBando and Monkears. 

Shortly after, he unleashed a bass packed trap track called 'Fireman on Instagram' as a nod to Instagram's exploding popularity of over 1B active users.

Then came Electron! The best bass banger to date was released on November 2nd. 


- Word is out! FIREMVN is set to drop some Jurassic bass waves soon. Stay Tuned!


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